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Transform your space with the majestic beauty of tiger wallpaper from Giffywalls. We have the perfect tiger wall art for you, whether you want to make a statement with a big tiger, enjoy the classic beauty of an old tiger print, or bring the wild inside with a jungle-themed tiger design. Our beautiful collection has a wide range of styles and colors, including big cat murals, so it's simple to find the perfect wallpaper to make any room look better. Check out our tigers wallpaper today to see how it can add a touch of wild luxury to your home.

Why Tiger Wallpaper is a Must-Have in Modern Interiors

Tiger wallpaper is a must-have in modern homes because it looks so bold and interesting. Wallpaper for tigers and other designs in this style give any room an exotic look. A tiger background gives your space a lively feel, whether it's an angry tiger to make a strong statement or a calm jungle theme. There are also eco-friendly options, so you can make a stylish choice that has little effect on the earth. Tiger wall art can help you make your home decor more modern and trendier by adding its wild beauty and unique charm.

Exploring Varied Design Themes in Tiger Wallpaper

Wallpaper with tigers on it comes in many beautiful designs, and each one will give your room a unique look. Take a close look at some of the most common designs below:

Tiger Face Prints Wallpaper

Tiger face print wallpaper shows close-ups of tigers' faces, bringing out their majestic and powerful emotions. This design shows the raw beauty and power of tigers, which makes it a bold choice for any room that needs a strong focus point.

Tiger Eye Wallpaper

Tiger eye wallpaper focuses on the tiger's sharp eyes to show how mesmerizing and mysterious they are. This design gives your space a sense of wonder and allure, making it perfect for creating a cozy and interesting atmosphere.

Tiger Moon Wallpaper

The mysterious look of tigers and the peaceful beauty of the moon come together in Tiger Moon Wallpaper. This design often shows a tiger silhouetted against a moonlight night. It combines fantasy and nature to create a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere.

Rainforest Paradise Wall Mural

With tigers as the main characters, rainforest paradise murals take you right into the lush and colorful world of the jungle. This theme brings a variety of tropical plants and animals into your home, making it feel lively and far away.

Jungle Captivating Wild Wallpaper

The jungle's fascinating wild wallpaper shows how beautiful tigers are when they are free in the jungle. This design brings out the wild and daring side of tigers, making it perfect for creating a space that is exciting and lively.

Animal Kingdom Wallpaper

Animal Kingdom wallpaper shows tigers and other beautiful animals to show how varied wildlife is. This theme is great for making your space look like a big tribute to nature's beauty with lots of different visuals.

Tropical Tiger Wallpaper Murals

Tropical tiger wall murals mix the beautiful scenery of tropical places with the powerful presence of tigers. This design is great for people who want to add a bit of happiness to their home because it looks bright and clean.

What Are the Best Rooms to Feature Tiger Wall Murals?

Adding tiger wall mural to different rooms in your house can make them look bold and exotic. Here are some of the best rooms to think about and how to make them look better.

Living Room

Putting up tiger backgrounds in your living room will make a focal point that looks classy and expensive. It will look even more royal if you pair it with a royal canopy. To make the wallpaper look good with other things in the room, choose deep, rich colours and soft furniture.


Tiger wall art can turn your bedroom into a peaceful haven. Put it behind your bed as an accent wall to make a big impact. Keep the mood calm by pairing the bright print with beige bedding and simple home decor.

Kids' Room

Put a tiger wall covering and a world map with cartoon animals together in a child's room. This fun mix can make you think of animals and places you've never seen before. Pick out bright colours to make the room fun and interesting for your child.


Tiger wall decor in a nursery can make the room feel both exciting and calm. Add things that make it feel like a royal jungle safari, like green plants, stuffed animals, and bedding with jungle themes. The room will stay calm for your baby as long as it has soft lights and soft colours.

Available Color Variations in Tiger Wallpaper

Wallpaper with tigers on it comes in many beautiful colours, and each one will give your room a unique look. Here are a few of the most common variations:

Cool White Tiger Wallpaper

The beautiful white tiger design is featured in cool white tiger designs. Its ice-blue eyes and black stripes make it stand out. This variation of colours creates a calm and classy atmosphere, perfect for modern and minimalist rooms that need a quiet but eye-catching focus point.

Grey Tiger Wall Art

Grey tiger wall art has a simple but interesting pattern. Modern settings look great with the soft grey tones, which have a stylish and relaxing effect. This option is flexible because it goes with a lot of different colour schemes and types of decor.

Golden Tiger Background

When you see backgrounds with golden tiger, you think of wealth and luxury. The warm, golden colours make any room look grand because they look like tigers. Adding the exotic petals and paws wall mural can make this effect even better by combining the opulence of golden tigers with the beauty of detailed flower designs to make a classy and welcoming space.

Angry Blue Tiger Mural

Angry blue tiger murals show the fierce and strong blue tiger, which can be recognised by its intense look and bright blue fur. This bold choice brings drama and energy to any room, making it a great option for creating a lively and active atmosphere.

Create Your Jungle Oasis

Our beautiful tiger wallpaper collection will bring the wild beauty of tigers into your home or office. Our designs catch the essence of these beautiful animals and are great for making a statement or adding a touch of natural elegance. Our high-quality wallpapers can be used in any room and come in a wide range of styles, from actual realistic to abstract art. Check out our collection right now and turn your room into a beautiful jungle haven where the strength and grace of tigers motivate and lift the atmosphere. Our beautiful tiger murals will make you feel like you're in the wild.

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