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Welcome to Giifywalls collection of horse wallpapers! Find beautiful and unique designs of majestic horses in a variety of scenes. There are pictures here for every type of horse lover, from cute and fun to classy and strong. Our high-quality animal wall decor is perfect for adding a touch of nature and beauty to any place. It will last for a long time and is easy to put up. With our beautiful horses wallpaper, you can change the look of your room and bring the grace and spirit of these great animals into your home.

What is Horse wallpaper?

Horse wallpaper, which is also called equine wallpaper, has beautiful pictures of horses in a range of scenes and styles. The power and beauty of horses can be brought into any room with these wallpapers, making it feel calm and peaceful. There are many types of horse wall murals, so you can find one that fits your style, whether you want a fun horse background, classy black horses, or exciting running scenes. Horse for wallpaper choices enhance your home decor with the timeless charm of equine grace.

Popular Horse Wallpaper Options for Your Space

This unique horse-themed wallpaper will change the look of your room. Each design shows how beautiful and strong these animals are, making them great for any decor.

Running Horses Wallpaper Mural

A Running Horses Wallpaper Mural will give your room a lively feel. This design makes you think of the strong movement of horses at full speed, which provides any room with a sense of movement and life. It makes the room feel uplifting and energising, making it perfect for living rooms or home offices.

7 Horse Wall Patterns

With 7 Horse Wall Patterns, you can add a touch of luck and custom. These patterns, which stand for power and wealth, look great in both modern and traditional rooms. They give a room a unique look and can be the centre of attention.

3D and Modern Horse Wall Design

A 3D Horse Wall Design will give your walls more depth and make them look more real. The modern horses in this picture look like they are coming out of the wall because they are so realistic. It's the perfect choice for people who want to make a striking and engaging visual effect.

Horse Racing Wallpaper

Horse Racing Wallpaper lets you capture the thrill of the racecourse. The thrill and speed of horse racing can be brought into your home with this wallpaper. It's a great choice for sports and racing fans. It's great for game rooms, bars, or any other room where you want to get pumped up.

Horse in Water Wallpaper

With Horse in Water Wallpaper, you can make a calm and peaceful space. This design makes you feel calm and elegant with its horses moving smoothly through water. You can put it in the bathroom, the bedroom or any other room where you want to relax.

Ocean Sunlight Horse Scene

The Ocean Sunlight Horse Scene wallpaper will light up your space. The horses in this design are enjoying the warm, golden light of the sun over the ocean, which will make your space feel free and warm. It's great for sitting rooms and places to read.

Flying Horses in Sky Mural

With the flying horses in the sky mural, you can turn any room into a dreamy world. The horses and pink unicorns flying through the sky in this creative design make the room feel happy and playful. For nurseries, kids' rooms, or any other place you want to encourage creativity, this is a great pick.

Galloping Horses Wall Mural

Add energy to your space with the Galloping Horses Wall Mural. This mural, which shows horses in full gallop, gives your room a feeling of speed and life. It's great for home gyms, schools, and anywhere else you want to add energy and movement.

Unique Horse Patterns Wallpaper to Elevate Your Decor

Living Room

Beautiful horse mural will give your living room life and energy. To make an interesting focus point, you can pick from designs of horses running quickly or horses in calm, beautiful scenes. These patterns add depth and colour to your living room, making it a warm place for family and friends to visit.


With a beautiful horse background, you can make your bedroom a peaceful place to relax. You can choose from soothing horse background designs to help you relax or dreamy, cute horse murals to help you cool down. These themes will make your bedroom feel peaceful and magical, which is great for getting a good night's sleep.


Add horse racing themes or accurate horse-riding designs to your office to make it look better. When you make these choices, they make your workplace feel more alive and inspiring. The lively pictures can help you get more done and give your ideas for your daily jobs.


Beautiful equine wallpaper will make an effect that lasts in your hallways. Anyone walking through will enjoy the unique and stylish look of these patterns. With these classic designs, you can turn your halls into a gallery of movement and style.

Boys' Room

Make horse lovers happy by putting fun and exciting horse wallpaper in boys rooms. Adding running horses or themes based on horse races makes things more exciting and adventurous. This mural can spark your creativity and make your space fun and interesting.

Play Room

Cartoon horse or cute horse designs and running unicorns will make your child's playroom fun and creative. These wallpapers encourage imagination and happiness and create a magical background for playing. Make the kids' playroom into a magical place where they can dream and explore.

Which Trending Color Horse Wall Murals Suits Your Space?

Black Horse

Putting up black horse wall decor gives any room a sense of class and mystery. It looks great in modern living rooms or offices where you want to make a striking focal point because of how big and dramatic it is. Adding a touch of luxury to your home decor, the deep black tones give it depth and style.

White Horse

White horse wall murals are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms because they give off a sense of purity and peace. It can make small rooms feel bigger and more open because of how clean and calm it looks. The peaceful environment created by white horse designs is great for unwinding and relaxing after a long day.

Grey Horse

Grey horse wall covering has a modern look that works with a lot of different types of home decor. Grey tones go well with a lot of different colours and textures, whether your style is simple or industrial. Put a grey-designed equine wallpaper in your living room, office, or hallway to make the area look classy and classy.

Brown Horse

A brown horse background makes your home feel cosy and country. Putting it in bedrooms or family rooms will make them feel warm and comfortable. Dark brown horse images have an organic and soothing look that makes your room feel stable and in tune with itself.

Black and White Horse

Murals of black and white horses are a standard look that will never go out of style. This colour scheme can be used in both classic and modern rooms. For a balanced and classy look, use black and white horse designs in any room. Using horses for wallpaper makes a room look more elegant and will last for a long time.

FAQ of Horse Wallpaper

Q: Are your wallpapers removable?
 A: Yes, our peel and stick wallpapers are made to be removed easily and without hurting the walls.

Q: What materials are used in your wallpapers?
 A: We use eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of your family and the environment.

Q: Can I apply the wallpaper myself?
 A: Absolutely! Our wallpapers come with simple installation guides that make it easy to do yourself.

Q: Do you offer custom designs?
 A: Yes, we offer customisation options. For more information, please call our customer service.

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