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Transform your child's room with our charming giraffe wallpaper collection at Giffywalls. Our cute giraffe wallpaper collection can make your child's room look brand new. These designs add a touch of safari joy to any room and are great for animal lovers. Our wallpapers have cute giraffes in bright, fun scenes that make you smile and use your imagination. Our collection has something for every style, whether you like a playful or realistic look. They are easy to assemble and last a long time because they are made from durable materials. Make a lovely play area for your child that is inspired by nature!

What is Giraffe Wallpaper?

Giraffe wallpaper is a type of artistic wall covering that has pictures, designs, or patterns of giraffes on it. It's popular for making rooms, especially kids' rooms, nurseries, and safari-themed rooms, a touch of the wild and an air of excitement. A lot of the time, these wallpapers show actual giraffe patterns, funny cartoon giraffes, or artistic takes on the animal. Giraffe print wallpaper comes in many styles, colours, and finishes and is made from vinyl, fabric, or peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can make any room feel fun, lively, and like it's in the outdoors with this option.

What Are Some Popular Giraffe Wallpaper Designs?

Giraffe Print Wallpaper

Giraffe print wallpaper has a trendy pattern that is less bold but still stylish. This wallpaper, which looks like giraffe spots, gives any room a unique and classy look that's good for both kids and adults.

Tropical Giraffe Wildlife Wallpaper

Tropical wildlife safari wallpaper will make your child's room feel like they are in a lively jungle. This design takes the wild beauty of a tropical forest inside with its lush greenery and exotic plants. The giraffes stand tall among the trees, making the scene alive and exciting.

Safari Jungle Giraffe Wallpaper Mural

safari jungle wallpaper mural is a bold way to make a statement. This big picture shows giraffes in their natural environment, with other animals from safari all around them. It produces an immersive experience that turns any room into a safari in the wild.

Foggy Forest Giraffe & Elephant Wallpaper

Foggy forest giraffe and elephant wallpaper will make your room feel calm and magical. This design shows giraffes and elephants in a misty, magical forest. It will make your place feel calm and magical.

Safari Balloon Animals Wallpaper

Choose safari balloon animal wallpaper for a fun touch. Giraffes and other safari animals holding bright balloons are featured in this fun design. It will make any room feel fun and light-hearted. It's great for getting young kids to think creatively and have fun.

Animal Jungle Book Wallpaper

Animal Jungle book wallpaper is based on old jungle stories and shows many animals, like giraffes, in a lush, realistic jungle setting. This design brings the magic of the wild into your home, making it perfect for decorating with stories and an adventure theme.

Cartoon Animal Playing Wallpaper

Cartoon animal-playing wallpaper will make your room look better. This design shows giraffes and other animals having fun and connecting in bright, animated scenes. That's a great choice for creating a fun and playful space for kids.

How to Pick the Right Giraffe Wall Murals for Your Room


Putting jungle safari cute cartoon animal wallpaper in your nursery will add a fun touch. This mural has cute giraffes and other safari animals drawn in a cartoon-like style that will make your child feel at home and interested in the world around them. The vibrant pattern can help your baby's mind and make an excellent backdrop for bedtime stories.

Living Room

With wild jungle wallpaper, you can turn your living room into a tropical getaway. This design shows beautiful giraffes surrounded by lush plants and bright flowers. It will give your home a feeling of adventure and natural beauty. It provides the room with a dynamic, lively feel that makes it great for family get-togethers and hosting guests.


With tropical jungle wallpaper, you can turn your bedroom into a calm and tropical haven. This mural shows giraffes pattern and other animals from the jungle in a lush, tropical setting that is perfect for a quiet and relaxing mood. The soothing natural elements and colours can help you make a peaceful place to relax and unwind.


Safari balloon wallpaper will make your playroom more fun and creative. This design has giraffes and other jungle animals holding balloons, which makes it a fun background for kids' activities. The bright and happy scenes make you want to be creative and make the room a fun place to learn and play.

Kids' Room

With cartoon animals in the sky wallpaper, you can turn your child's room into a magical place. This mural shows giraffes and their friends having fun in animated, funky scenes that will inspire your child's imagination. The creative design creates a fun and interesting space that is great for both relaxing and having fun.

What Are the Best Colours for Giraffe Wallpaper?

Picking the right colours for giraffe wall art can make any room look better by giving it a combination of a fun and classy look. These are the four most important colours to think about:


The colour yellow is happy and bright, and it can make any room feel better. It looks like the natural colours of a giraffe's coat, making the room feel bright and happy. There is yellow giraffe wall decor that would look great in kids' rooms, nurseries, or anywhere else you want to add some warmth and joy.

Dark Brown

The deep, earthy colour of dark brown makes me think of a giraffe's spots. This colour can make your room look more interesting and high-end. It looks great with basic colours and natural materials, which makes it a great choice for living rooms or offices that want to feel both classy and laid-back.


A bit of class and glitz can be added to any room with gold giraffe pattern wallpaper. It can be a main wall or a statement piece because of the metallic sheen. Gold looks great in dining rooms, master bedrooms, and other places where you want to add a touch of luxury and style.


The colour beige goes well with a lot of different types of decor because it is soft and neutral. It looks like the natural colours of a giraffe's belly and makes a calm, neutral background. The beige giraffe pattern wall design is great for making living rooms, bedrooms, and halls look calm and put together. 

Shop Giraffe Wallpaper Today

Browse out our beautiful giraffe wallpaper to bring the beauty of the wild into your home. You can find the perfect wallpaper to change the look of any room among our many styles, high-quality materials, and eco-friendly choices. We offer murals that are easy to install and can be changed to fit your style, whether you want a cartoon-like look for your child's room or a classy, nature-inspired look for your living room. Buy now and let the beautiful story of the grasslands be told on your walls, giving your home a one-of-a-kind and interesting feel.

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