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Welcome to Giffywalls collection of dog wallpaper! Browse our cute collection of canine wallpaper, which is excellent for people who love dogs. Our designs, which range from fun sausage dog print wallpaper to cute Christmas dog wallpaper, show how much we love our animal friends. Our high-quality wall murals add charm and warmth to any room, whether you're looking for a cute Weiner dog background or another pattern inspired by dogs. Change the mood of your home with the fun and loving spirit of dogs, and let your walls honor man's best friend with us.

What is Dog Wallpaper?

Dog wallpaper has pictures or patterns of dogs on it, and it's a great way to add a little dog charm to your walls. Wallpaper with canines of different breeds in realistic or artistic styles can make any room look more beautiful and cozier. It brings joy and cuteness to your space with cute puppy wallpaper that shows pretty young dogs playing. There is playful dogs wallpaper that shows dogs having fun and being active. It makes any room feel lively and happy. These backgrounds are perfect if you love dogs and want to make your room look unique.

What Popular Styles of Dogs Wallpaper Are Available?

Cat and Dog Wallpaper Murals

Wall murals of cats and dogs are a great way to show your love for both. The mural shows cats and dogs playing together harmoniously, adding a fun and caring touch to your walls. These murals make a room feel lively and welcome, which is great for pet-friendly homes. 

Cute Dog Pattern Wallpaper

Our cute dog pattern wallpaper is a must-have for people who love cute things. The drawings on this design are cute and silly, showing different dog types in fun poses. This wallpaper makes any room feel happy and carefree, which makes it perfect for kids' rooms or nurseries.

Cartoon Puppy Wallpaper

Cartoon puppy wallpaper will add some fun and creativity to your home. This design features cute cartoon puppies in bright colours and lively poses. It's great for kids' rooms or play areas. The fun design makes you feel creative and happy.

Happy Dogs Murals

Happy dog murals are a great way to show how much dogs make us happy. These vast murals showcase diverse dog breeds, each so glad and having fun playing different games, displaying their boundless energy and love. They stand out in living rooms or playrooms, making a fun and lively focal point.

Busy Doggies Design Wallpaper

You will love this busy doggie design wallpaper if you like watching dogs play and move around. This wall mural is great for high-energy rooms like kitchens or home gyms because it features pictures of dogs doing fun things. The lively pattern gives your walls a sense of movement and fun.

Verdant Pup Parade Wallpaper

Choose verdant pup parade wallpaper for a fun and natural touch. This design features lush green fields and cute puppies playing outside. Putting it in any room will make it feel calm and peaceful.

Canine Medley Wallpaper

The canine medley wallpaper has a cute mix of dog breeds in a single pattern. This wallpaper gives your room a wide range of colours and styles, making it perfect for dog lovers who can't decide on a favourite breed.

Canine Mosaic Wallpaper

Dog mosaic wallpaper will give your home an artistic look. This design has a unique and classy look thanks to its intricate mosaic patterns, including dog pictures. It looks excellent on accent walls or as a focal point.

Colorful Choices for Canine Print Wallpapers

Blue Canine Medley Wallpaper

Any room with the blue canine medley wallpaper will feel fresh and calm. This pattern features many different dog breeds, all shown in fun ways. The background is a soft blue, making it great for bedrooms or study areas.

Beige Canine Parade Wallpaper

The beige canine parade wallpaper makes the room feel warm and cozy. This design shows a happy parade of different dog breeds moving together. Because it's a neutral beige colour, it goes with many kinds of decor, making it an excellent choice for hallways and living rooms.

Brown Canine Mosaic Wallpaper

The rich and earthy pattern of the brown canine mosaic wallpaper makes your space feel warm and cozy. The impressive mosaic of dog pictures, with one of each breed shown, gives kitchens and eating rooms a touch of rustic charm.

Pink Canine Collection Wallpaper

The bright pink background of the pink canine collection wallpaper makes you feel happy and carefree. This lively design features many different dog types, each drawn in a fun way. This wall mural adds a lot of energy and joy and is great for kids' rooms or play areas.

Green Canine Parade Wallpaper

The green colour of the green canine parade wall mural brings a bit of nature inside. This design features many dog types in a parade, making it feel lively and active. It would look great in any room with some colour and a good mood.

Types of Dog Wall Design for Every Dog Lover

German Shepherd Dog Mural

A mural of a German Shepherd dog can be the centre of attention in any room. German Shepherds are known for being loyal and robust; these murals can make your home feel safer and prouder. This mural shows the breed's beauty and brains and looks great in a study or living room.

Golden Retriever Dogs Background

People love Golden Retrievers because they are friendly and gentle. This beloved breed can bring warmth and happiness into any room with its setting. Wallpapers of Golden Retrievers are a great way to honor this family-friendly dog. They look great in bedrooms or playrooms.

Corgi Pet Wallpaper Mural

Corgis are cute as wallpaper murals because of their short legs and fluffy bodies. These adorable and playful dog wall designs look great in kids' rooms or any other room that needs a little cuteness. Putting up a corgi mural can make your home more fun and livelier.

Sausage Dog Wallpaper

Dachshunds, sausage dogs, are loved for their unique looks and lively behaviors. If you want to add something fun and quirky to your room, sausage dog wall decor is a great choice. The kitchen, hallway, or bathroom are good places for these backgrounds.

Husky Dog Wall Design

People love huskies because they look great and like to go on adventures. A husky dog wall art design can make any room feel wilder and more exciting. This mural can make a big statement in your living room or home office.

Bulldog Pattern Wallpaper

Pattern wall mural looks excellent with bulldogs because of their unique wrinkles and cute faces. Bulldog wallpaper can make a room more fun and unique. It's great for kids' rooms or as a fun touch in a more neutral room.

Labrador Dog Wall Décor

Because they are friendly and outgoing, Labradors are one of the most famous dog breeds. Wall art with Labrador dogs can make any room feel warm and inviting. This wallpaper for wall shows how loving Labradors are and would look great in a family room or doorway.

Perfect Dog Wallpaper Murals for Kids' Spaces

Children's Rooms

Put colorful dog mural in kids' rooms to make them look better. Friendly and playful dog breeds, like golden retrievers and corgis, can add warmth and cheer to the room, making it a fun place for your kids to play and rest.


Pick wallpaper with dogs on it that is soft and gentle for children. Wallpapers like the funny doggy wallpaper make the room feel calm and peaceful, which is excellent for your baby's first room. These designs create a quiet background that adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Play Area

Dog murals that move around will make play areas more fun and livelier. Adding the Sausage Dog background or the corgi doggy wallpaper for walls to a room is entertaining. These designs make playing even more fun by sparking kids' imaginations and creativity.

Dog's Room

If you have a room just for your furry friend, think about getting peel and stick wallpaper with dog themes that fit their behavior. With the husky dog or bulldog wall mural, you can give your dog's favorite spot to play and relax more personality and charm.

Boys Room

Dogs wallpaper that makes boys feel solid and ready for adventure should be used in their rooms. It would help if you got the Weiner dog mural or the pug dog print wallpaper. These images add fun and energy, making the room more inspiring for your child.

Shop Dogs Wallpaper Today

Our beautiful dog print wallpapers are the perfect way to show how much you love dogs. Our designs are great for any room, from realistic pictures to fun patterns that make your home feel cosy and inviting. Our posters are sure to please, whether you want to make a big statement or add a slight touch. Shop our giffywalls collection of dog backgrounds today and add the joy of dogs to your room.

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