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Welcome to our enchanting collection of childrens wallpapers, where imagination meets design! Whether a parent looking to create a magical nursery, an interior designer planning a playful space, or a school who wants to inspire young minds - our extensive range is crafted to transform any kid's room into a whimsical wonderland.

Why Choose Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms?

This wallpaper is the best choice for your childrens room if you want to add an extraordinary touch of individuality and personality to its decoration. Wallpapers come in various designs and colorways that paint doesn't even come close to. They are also durable and easy to live with, making them ideal for an active children's room. From the exciting patterns typical on wallpapers to the soothing colour palettes, wallpaper presents an opportunity to lastingly create a haven where kids can comfortably play, sleep, or study.

Suitable Room for Children Wallpaper

Children's Bedrooms

Your child's bedroom can become a place of magic, a tropical chinoiserie, or a vibrant jungle theme. This design burst brings colour and fantasy to life in an attractive way, making an endearing and comfortable bedroom area for your child to dream and play the day away. Choose wallpapers for children that are easy to clean and long-lasting to maintain an inviting room.


Use playful animal or fantasy forest wallpaper to turn your baby's room into a peaceful retreat. Each of these gentle and charming designs helps create an atmosphere that is calm and soothing for both babies and parents. Our wallpaper is made from non-toxic, safe materials to give your baby a good start.


Make playtime fantastic with tropical paradise wallpaper, infusing your playroom with vibrant and striking colours. This theme makes the space lively, stimulating creativity, and children think and imagine themselves creatively.

Girls' Rooms

With purple forest wallpaper, you can design an enchanting and magical space—a dreamy girls' wallpaper. These elegant and whimsical designs cater to every girl's taste, from princess fantasies to chic modern styles. With that in mind, we use only high-quality materials to ensure the room remains stylish and grows with her evolving preferences.

Boys' Rooms

Tell a story and make the room come alive with super mario wallpaper, perfect for creating a lively and fun boys' room. There's never a dull moment with this jolly theme that makes all your favourite characters come to life. Our boy’s bedroom wallpapers are durable and designed to take the rough and tumble of everyday play.

Schools and Day-care Centres

Promote learning and fun with animal world map wallpaper. This feast for the eyes creates an engaging educational environment. This theme, with bright colors, is perfect for stimulating young minds and includes animal names and educational content. Our wallpapers are designed to be safe, durable, and easy to clean—ideal for busy learning environments.

Available Colours in Children's Wallpaper

Grey Wallpaper

With this grey jungle leopard wallpaper, you may add a sophisticated touch. Grey wallpapers are very flexible and can go with many different decor styles. They are great for making a stylish and relaxing space.

Pink Wallpaper

Turn your child's room into a magical wonderland with pink unicorn forest or pink pegasus wallpaper. These fanciful designs lend room a dreamy and enchanting aura, perfect for a fairy-tale themed environment.

Blue Wallpaper

Form a peaceful and happy space with blue forest friend or rainbow wallpaper. The feeling of these designs is one gentle tranquillity and adventure, ideal for inspiring children to grow into balanced individuals who understand life's paradoxes.

Green Wallpaper

Improve your child's room with a green mushroom garden or vintage jungle wallpaper. Inspired by nature, these designs bring the outside in, bringing a refreshing and lively atmosphere to your home.

Yellow Wallpaper

Bring some magic into any room with yellow dream night stars wallpaper. This bright and refreshing design brings an air of enchantment and is perfect for creating a warm, inviting environment for your baby.

Popular Styles of Children's Wallpaper for All Age

Children's Animal Wallpaper

Our natural wonders are brought into a child's room with antarctic animal, forest animal and mountain animal wallpapers. These designs are ideal for kindling interest in the world at large and a love of nature itself ever since

Children's Dinosaur Wallpaper

Light a spark of passion in your child with kids dinosaur and dinosaur era wallpapers. These thrilling designs transport your child to an era long past, perfect for young fans of dinosaurs.

Children's Space Wallpaper

Use wallpapers depicting space galaxy and kids spaceship to walk through the immensity of the cosmos. The appeal of these lively designs gives wings to creativity and a passion for all things astronomical, creating a room that is a door to the universe.

Children's Jungle Wallpaper

Choose jurassic jungle and jungle jamboree wallpapers to create a jungle-feel space. These fresh designs let the call of the wild echo inside your home, perfect for children with a sense of adventure.

Children's Safari Wallpaper

Safari balloon and sepia safari scenes wallpapers are ideal. These lively and picturesque designs can bring a touch of the exotic to any room, which makes people curious.

Children's Nursery Wallpaper

Add charm and joy to children's rooms with joyful monkey and animals cycling wallpapers. These neat designs are the right choice for babies growing up in a bright, welcoming world.

Children's Map Wallpaper

Make learning fun with world map animal wallpaper. This educational style lets preschool kids learn geography and also the names of various animals, all at the same time making the room a colorful place to go inside in every sense of the word.

Children's Flower Wallpaper

watercolour wildflower wallpaper also creates an impression of nature. These beautiful flower patterns create a peaceful, restful, and charming mood.

Fantasy and Fairy-tale

Turn your child's room into an imaginative realm with underwater fantasy and fairy-tale princess wallpapers. These charming renderings of fairy tales give life to these classics, offering the perfect place for creative play.

Educational and Interactive Wallpaper

Let's open up learning with our educational wallpapers. When both wallcoverings are alive with various knowledge points that stimulate intelligence, you can learn and play at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I protect the wallpaper in my child's room?

A: To protect wallpaper, consider using a wallpaper finish or sealant that makes the surface easier to clean and more resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, placing furniture strategically can help shield lower sections from frequent touches or bumps.

Q: Is it safe for children to touch wallpaper glue?

A: Modern wallpaper glues are typically made from non-toxic materials that are safe for use in children's rooms. However, it's important to ensure that the room is well-ventilated during the application process and that any excess glue is cleaned up promptly to prevent any potential issues.

Creating a Dreamy Space for Your Kids

Look over our wide selection of children's wallpapers to choose the ideal pattern that captures your child's personality. Our wallpapers are made of safe, long-lasting materials and have attractive patterns that can turn any space into a special place where your kids may develop, study, and dream. Peruse our assortment today to create a dreamlike and enchanting environment for your children.

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  1. Misty Purple Forest Girls Wallpaper
    Misty Purple Forest Girls Wallpaper
  2. Tropical Wildlife Kids Wallpaper Mural
    Tropical Wildlife Kids Wallpaper Mural
  3. Green Mushroom Garden Wallpaper Mural
    Green Mushroom Garden Wallpaper Mural
  4. Botanical Fig Garden Wall Mural
    Botanical Fig Garden Wall Mural
  5. Super Mario Bros Kids Wallpaper
    Super Mario Bros Kids Wallpaper
  6. Watercolour Cactus Floral Wallpaper Mural
    Watercolour Cactus Floral Wallpaper Mural
  7. Tropical Birds Rainforest Wallpaper
    Tropical Birds Rainforest Wallpaper
  8. Vintage Green Jungle Wall Mural
    Vintage Green Jungle Wall Mural
  9. Vibrant Jungle Wall Mural
    Vibrant Jungle Wall Mural
  10. Watercolour Jungle Landscape Wallpaper
    Watercolour Jungle Landscape Wallpaper
  11. Monochrome Tropical Jungle Wallpaper
    Monochrome Tropical Jungle Wallpaper
  12. Magical Mermaid Girls Room Wallpaper
    Magical Mermaid Girls Room Wallpaper
  13. Playful Animal Nursery Wallpaper
    Playful Animal Nursery Wallpaper
  14. Exotic Tropical Wall Mural
    Exotic Tropical Wall Mural
  15. Kids Jungle Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Jungle Wallpaper Mural
  16. Tropical Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural
    Tropical Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural
  17. Mushroom Garden Wallpaper Mural
    Mushroom Garden Wallpaper Mural
  18. Fantasy Forest Nursery Wallpaper Mural
    Fantasy Forest Nursery Wallpaper Mural
  19. Grey Jungle Leopard Wallpaper Mural
    Grey Jungle Leopard Wallpaper Mural
  20. Kids Dinosaur Scene Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Dinosaur Scene Wallpaper Mural
  21. Kids Woodland Friends Wall Mural
    Kids Woodland Friends Wall Mural
  22. Childrens Fairytale Castle Wallpaper Mural
    Childrens Fairytale Castle Wallpaper Mural
  23. Kids Spaceship Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Spaceship Wallpaper Mural
  24. Desert Landscape Wallpaper Mural
    Desert Landscape Wallpaper Mural
  25. Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural
  26. Kids Jungle Animal Wallpaper Mural
    Kids Jungle Animal Wallpaper Mural
  27. Joyful Monkey Nursery Wallpaper
    Joyful Monkey Nursery Wallpaper
  28. Sea Creatures Kids Wallpaper Mural
    Sea Creatures Kids Wallpaper Mural
  29. Watercolour Old City Kids Wallpaper
    Watercolour Old City Kids Wallpaper
  30. Desert Adventure Kids Wallpaper
    Desert Adventure Kids Wallpaper
  31. Colourful Mermaids Wallpaper Mural
    Colourful Mermaids Wallpaper Mural
  32. Fairy Forest Kids Wallpaper
    Fairy Forest Kids Wallpaper
  33. Vintage Elephant Wallpaper Mural
    Vintage Elephant Wallpaper Mural
  34. Sepia Forest Wallpaper Mural
    Sepia Forest Wallpaper Mural
  35. Monochrome Vintage Jungle Mural
    Monochrome Vintage Jungle Mural
  36. Tropical Paradise Wall Mural
    Tropical Paradise Wall Mural
  37. Jurassic Jungle Adventure Mural
    Jurassic Jungle Adventure Mural
  38. Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural
    Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural
  39. Hidden Jungle Cat Mural
    Hidden Jungle Cat Mural
  40. Sunbeam Canopy Wall Mural
    Sunbeam Canopy Wall Mural
  41. Forest Fables Wall Mural
    Forest Fables Wall Mural
  42. Ancient Adventures Wall Mural
    Ancient Adventures Wall Mural
  43. Textured Landscape Wallpaper Mural
    Textured Landscape Wallpaper Mural
  44. Sunset Dreams Wall Mural
    Sunset Dreams Wall Mural
  45. Sunrise Arc Wall Mural
    Sunrise Arc Wall Mural
  46. Green Blue Rainbow Wall Mural
    Green Blue Rainbow Wall Mural
  47. Pastel Rainbow Wall Mural
    Pastel Rainbow Wall Mural
  48. Country Charm Wall Mural
    Country Charm Wall Mural
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