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Welcome to Giffywalls Artistic Wallpaper collection. Our selected collection has modern designs by famous artists that will make any place look better. Find stylish and creative patterns and unique colours. Every wallpaper is carefully made to make a beautiful, lasting impact. We have a stunning collection of artistic murals that will make your home look better. You can look around now and find the right piece to make your home look more creative.

What is Artistic Wallpaper?

Artistic wallpaper is a wall covering that uses customized images usually created by artists to improve a room's appearance. In contrast to regular wallpaper, artistic wall designs feature complex patterns, bright colours, and original works of art that can make any room more visually appealing. It combines art and purpose, allowing people to show off their own style and improve the look of their home decor with unique, high-quality designs that align with current trends and classic elegance.

Trending Designs of Artistic Wallpaper Murals

Modern Art Deco Wall Mural

Our modern art deco wall mural will make your rooms look better. This design is perfect for giving any room a touch of glitz and class because it uses geometric shapes and rich colours. This mural will give your home a classic look and is excellent for living rooms, dining rooms, or even bathrooms.

Slate Whispers Artistic Mural

Feel the soft beauty of the slate whispers artistic mural all around you. It's an excellent choice for bedrooms or meditation areas because its smooth, muted tones make the space peaceful and calm. The complicated designs give the fabric depth and texture, making it a classy background for your decor.

Artistic Watercolour Wall Mural

The colourful artistic watercolour wall mural will make your room look better. This painting is great for giving any room a creative and lively touch. It has bright splashes of colour and smooth shapes, perfect for people who like innovation and want their walls to show who they are.

Artistic Forest Design Wallpaper Murals

Our artistic forest design wallpaper murals will bring the peace of nature into your home. These paintings' lush greenery and detailed forest scenes make the room feel calm and peaceful. You can put them in your living room or study to make it look more beautiful.

Contemporary Abstraction Wall Mural

The contemporary abstraction wall mural is one of the best pieces of modern art ever made. Its bright colours and surreal shapes will give your walls life and movement. This mural looks excellent in studios, offices, and other creative places where creating new ideas and being inspired are essential.

Art Nouveau Tiffany Wallpaper

With our tiffany wallpaper, you can feel the grace of the art nouveau era. This pattern has beautiful lines, and detailed flower designs remind me of old-fashioned Tiffany glass. It gives any room a touch of old-fashioned charm and is excellent for people who like beautiful things that last.

Charcoal Pencil Art Tropical View

The charcoal pencil art tropical view mural will create a stunning visual effect. This design features detailed pencil sketches of tropical scenery, which gives it a unique and artistic look. It looks fun and creative in any room, whether a living room or an office.

Geometric Boho Art Line Wallpaper

The geometric boho art line wallpaper allows you to mix current style with a bohemian touch. Its flowing lines and big shapes give any room a unique and stylish touch. This painting adds a chic, artistic vibe to your room and is excellent for eclectic decor.

Abstract Pop Art Faces

With the abstract pop art faces painting, you can say something substantial. This design features bright, abstract images that make your space feel fun and creative. It gives your walls a fun and artsy touch and is great for modern, funky rooms.

Folk Art Springtime Bloom Wallpaper

Our folk-art springtime bloom wallpaper is a beautiful way to enjoy the season. This pattern has bright flower shapes that are based on folk art styles. They make any room feel happy and inviting. It's great for kitchens, bedrooms, or any other room with a bit of joy and brightness.

Popular Colours Options in Artistic Wallpaper

Green Watercolour

Watercolour art in shades of green makes your area feel fresh and calm. The soft, flowing lines of green make the space relaxed and ideal for unwinding and recharging. Because they come from nature, these green tones make any room feel tranquil and classy.

Modern Art Black

Black covers for modern art give a room a bold and classy look. It firmly states that the deep, rich black colours stand out. Adding a bit of drama and modernity, these black designs look great in modern and simple rooms.

Colourful Texture

Artistic wall designs with different colourful textures fill your room with life and creativity. The bright and lively patterns, which use bright and soft colors, make the room fun and happy. These colorful patterns are great for giving your space personality and a fun vibe.

Abstract Beige

Abstract beige covers give a room a neutral but exciting look. The soft, earthy tones of beige make the space feel warm and welcoming, and the abstract designs make it more interesting. These brown designs are great for any room because they are simple and artistic.


Artworks with golden accents add a bit of wealth and luxury to any room. The deep, shimmering gold colours make the room look beautiful and classy. These golden designs make any room look better overall, perfect for adding a bit of glitz.

Black and White

Black and white stroke line wall art has a basic look that will never go out of style. The one-color patterns give the piece a sense of balance and unity, making it a stylish and helpful choice. These black-and-white artistic wall murals is classy and elegant and look great with any decor style.



Putting up yellow art wallpaper will make your place feel happy and positive. The sunny, bright yellow colors create a warm and welcoming mood that energizes and livening up any room. When you look at these yellow artistic patterns, they make you feel happy and good.

Where to Use Designer Artistic Wallpaper in Your Home

Living Room

With artistic wallpaper, you can make your living room look more elegant. The geometric patterns design, with its complicated forms and strong lines, gives it a hip look. This design makes the room look better, making it a stylish and welcoming spot for relaxing and having guests over.


With the abstract wooden mosaic wallpaper, you can make your bedroom feel calm and classy. With its unique mosaic pattern, this design gives off a warm, earthy vibe, making it a great place to relax and recharge. Your sanctuary gets a bit of art and comfort from it.


Add some imagination to your kitchen to make it look better. The neutral abstract lines wallpaper has a subtle and striking pattern and will look good in any kitchen. This artsy pattern gives your kitchen a modern look, making it a better place to cook and hang out with friends and family.


Give your home office a stylish and motivating look. The rustic horizon textured wallpaper has a unique textured pattern that gives your workspace personality and depth. This artistic style makes the space feel professional and creative, encouraging both.


The ancient chinese tea ceremony patterns will make your halls look classy and lovely. The artistic complicated patterns and bright colours remind me of history and culture. It turns your halls into interesting passageways that leave guests with a lasting impression.

Dining Room

The urban poster patchwork wallpaper will make your eating room look better. This artistic wallpaper is a collage of posters with urban themes that will give your eating room a cool and unique look. It makes the space alive and exciting, which is great for having people over and eating with family and friends.

Why Choose Our Artistic Wallpapers?

  • High-Quality Materials: Our wallpapers are made from high-quality materials that give them a long-lasting look.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Our wallpapers are eco-friendly and safe for your home and the earth.

  • Easy to Install: Our posters are easy to use so that you can change the look of your room without much trouble.

  • Designs That Can Be Changed: Many wallpapers can be changed to fit your space and style tastes.

Find Your Perfect Artistic Wall Covering

Look with our carefully chosen collection to find the perfect piece of art wallpaper to make your room look better. You'll be able to find something that fits your artistic vision among our many designs, colours, and styles. Start shopping today to add some art to your home. With our large range, you can find wallpaper that fits your style and makes your room look better. Now is the time to shop and turn the living area into a work of art!

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  1. Green Watercolour Ink Wallpaper
    Green Watercolour Ink Wallpaper
  2. Modern Art Black Brushstrokes Wallpaper
    Modern Art Black Brushstrokes Wallpaper
  3. Geometric Pattern Wall Mural
    Geometric Pattern Wall Mural
  4. Rich Teal Grunge Wall Mural
    Rich Teal Grunge Wall Mural
  5. Modern Art Deco Wall Mural
    Modern Art Deco Wall Mural
  6. Watercolour Abstract Wall Mural
    Watercolour Abstract Wall Mural
  7. Sea Green Watercolour Wall Mural
    Sea Green Watercolour Wall Mural
  8. Slate Whispers Artistic Mural
    Slate Whispers Artistic Mural
  9. Colourful Faces Mural Wallpaper
    Colourful Faces Mural Wallpaper
  10. Painted Brick Illusion Wall Mural
    Painted Brick Illusion Wall Mural
  11. Colour Texture Wallpaper Mural
    Colour Texture Wallpaper Mural
  12. Mystic Terracotta Wall Mural
    Mystic Terracotta Wall Mural
  13. Ethereal Dusk Texture Mural
    Ethereal Dusk Texture Mural
  14. Whimsical Wildlife Wallpaper Mural
    Whimsical Wildlife Wallpaper Mural
  15. Balletic Bliss Wall Mural
    Balletic Bliss Wall Mural
  16. Whimsical Bird Paradise Wallpaper
    Whimsical Bird Paradise Wallpaper
  17. Cosmic Rhythm Wallpaper Mural
    Cosmic Rhythm Wallpaper Mural
  18. Cubist Harvest Foliage Fresco Mural
    Cubist Harvest Foliage Fresco Mural
  19. Pseudo Sage Watercolour Wall Mural
    Pseudo Sage Watercolour Wall Mural
  20. Abstract Wooden Mosaic Wall Mural
    Abstract Wooden Mosaic Wall Mural
  21. Crane Dance Wall Mural
    Crane Dance Wall Mural
  22. Neutral Abstract Lines Wall Mural
    Neutral Abstract Lines Wall Mural
  23. Jaipur Garden Wallpaper
    Jaipur Garden Wallpaper
  24. Colourful Fashionable Women Mural
    Colourful Fashionable Women Mural
  25. Watercolour Blue Swirls Mural
    Watercolour Blue Swirls Mural
  26. Artistic Vivid Watercolour Wall Mural
    Artistic Vivid Watercolour Wall Mural
  27. Artistic Watercolour Wall Mural
    Artistic Watercolour Wall Mural
  28. Abstract Terrain Wall Mural
    Abstract Terrain Wall Mural
  29. Serene Gradient Peaks Mural
    Serene Gradient Peaks Mural
  30. Sunrise Horizon Wall Mural
    Sunrise Horizon Wall Mural
  31. Desert Dunes Abstract Wall Mural
    Desert Dunes Abstract Wall Mural
  32. Abstract Brushstroke Wall Mural
    Abstract Brushstroke Wall Mural
  33. Geometric Abstraction Wall Mural
    Geometric Abstraction Wall Mural
  34. Rustic Horizon Textured Wall Mural
    Rustic Horizon Textured Wall Mural
  35. Abstract Waves Wall Mural
    Abstract Waves Wall Mural
  36. Contemporary Abstraction Wall Mural
    Contemporary Abstraction Wall Mural
  37. Serene Sky Wall Mural
    Serene Sky Wall Mural
  38. Abstract Cubist Wall Mural
    Abstract Cubist Wall Mural
  39. Watercolour Illustration Wall Mural
    Watercolour Illustration Wall Mural
  40. Abstract Diagonal Lines Wall Mural
    Abstract Diagonal Lines Wall Mural
  41. Vibrant Abstract Wall Mural
    Vibrant Abstract Wall Mural
  42. Small Painted City Wall Mural
    Small Painted City Wall Mural
  43. Modern Architecture Wall Mural
    Modern Architecture Wall Mural
  44. Urban Newsprint Wall Mural
    Urban Newsprint Wall Mural
  45. Abstract Pastel Earth Tone Wall Mural
    Abstract Pastel Earth Tone Wall Mural
  46. Artistic Oil Painted Abstract Wall Mural
    Artistic Oil Painted Abstract Wall Mural
  47. Metallic Copper Veins Abstract Wall Mural
    Metallic Copper Veins Abstract Wall Mural
  48. Fluid Blue Gradient Watercolour Wall Mural
    Fluid Blue Gradient Watercolour Wall Mural
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